New Copy is an influencer marketing agency that helps companies, brands, entrepreneurs & founders build deep and authentic connections with diverse audiences using social marketing and thought leadership publishing.



We work with major brands like Ford, VISA and Canadian Tire on ideation, conception and execution of national influencer marketing campaigns, full-scope program management, client management, talent management, sponsorships, negotiations, budgeting and digital integrations.


influencers & thought leaders

We guide creators, founders, entrepreneurs and C-level executives through an always-on content schedule of thought leadership marketing: blog publishing, podcasting, webinars, speaking engagements, copywriting and PR — while matchmaking influencers with top brands & product promotion campaigns


Set up an exploratory call with us to discuss:

  • recruiting & negotiating with influencers & creators

  • end-to-end ideation + management of national and global influencer marketing campaigns

  • natively integrating branded content into influential social media feeds

  • leading industry conversations as a thought leader

  • Growing your personal brand

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