Content Marketing in 2019

We are currently living through the greatest communications shift of the last 2000 years.

Brands and companies large and small, founders, business professionals, marketers, social influencers, artists and creatives are required to produce visual, audio and written content that can break through the noise of an increasingly busy internet landscape and reach modern audiences. To name just a few of these key mediums and platforms of engagement:

  • branded videos & commercials

  • online video and vlog channels

  • websites & microsites

  • landing pages

  • online sales funnels

  • webinars & online courses

  • livestreams

  • podcasts

  • blogs

  • eBooks & books

How We Help You

New Copy Media helps you find a distinct style and voice, build a content roadmap and shape your thoughts and ideas into valuable authority content that can be published online. We help brands, creators, thought leaders and entrepreneurs produce content that evokes inspiration and aspiration.

Our content team will help you and your brand create and distribute high-impact content utilizing four key workflows:

  • Videography, Photography & Visual Asset Production

  • Copywriting + Core Messaging That Complements Visual Assets & Excites Audiences

  • Curating Visual Assets & Creating Beautiful Engaging Ads, Commercials, Websites, Landing Pages + Online Funnels

  • Online Marketing, Distributing Social Ads Across The Social Web & Monitoring Engagement Metrics

We help catapult your brand into the spotlight and get your products and services in front of millions of people in social audiences on YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Medium and Quora - and even on major publications like Business Insider, Gizmodo, TechCrunch or The Huffington Post.


Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn Advertising

Creating and distributing advertising on social is a science unto itself. And we don’t mess around - Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn at the moment are the social platforms that allow you to get your message in front of hundreds of millions of people in a targeted, measurable and repeatable manner. With all due respect to the other social platforms who would love for you to buy ads and distribute marketing content with them - we are not saying things will not change, but the audiences and where to reach them in 2019 reside on these three social platforms. We will be the first to let you know when this reality changes - but for now, let’s help you and your brand fight the battle for attention and recognition.

Instagram and Facebook ads are usually deployed in a B2C context with the aim of driving and converting high amounts of cold traffic. LinkedIn marketing is more focused on B2B and emphasizes more sharing of insightful authority and thought leadership content. Articles. Whitepapers. Quizzes. Ebooks. Think Gary Vaynerchuk’s famous truism “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook.” Said another way, it’s Give, Give, Give, Ask.”

The sequences of words, the allure of your videos and webinars and podcasts, the value of the content you share with your audience to tell your story, hold their attention, and get them to click on your links are a mix of art and science. The secret is to succinctly tell your product’s story, guide the audience through your brand’s emotional journey, and persuaide them to take action.

We show you how to do this efficiently and consistently so that you’ll have more business and more attention than you ever thought possible.

Sales Letters & Landing Pages

Have you ever clicked on an ad and immediately found yourself taken to a web page where you got caught up reading a forever-scrolling infomercial-style letter that ended with a product offer and a big shiny Buy Now button? Did you find yourself mesmerized by the captivating, emotive language and the expressive use of italics, underlines, bold letterings, CAPS and other visual cues guiding you along to the bottom of the page?

Most people don’t realize that these seemingly sporadic ramblings are intentionally crafted to capture their attention. These sales letters are long-form sales pitches in the format of an informative article, intended to provide information and insight to the reader while leading them along a buying journey.

A sales letter that can effectively convert someone into a paying customer is one of the most valuable parts of your online sales funnel. At it’s most successful, the sales letter compels the customer to voraciously keep reading once they arrive at the landing page, and by the time they have scrolled down to the end of the page they are ready to immediately pull out their credit card and make a purchasing decision.

Social Media Posting

There is a huge difference between a valuable social media post and mediocre social media post.

What people tend to forget about publishing content on social media is that what you say is still the most important part. Captivating video and images is a huge part of the content marketing puzzle, but you still need to write great captions to accompany them, don’t you? Without the words it’s impossible for any social post to gain any traction or virality.

Writing compelling social media copy takes patience and a whole lot of the experience that comes with publishing content in different voices and tones across various audiences over the last decade. Collectively, our editors and publishers on the New Copy team have written and distributed social copy for close to 400 different companies — everything from not-for-profits to healthcare, beauty, fitness, fashion, consumer products, financial tech and educational software.


Email Marketing Campaigns

These are informational emails with shoppable product catalogues that may also feature news, promotions and events. They are sent quarterly, monthly, weekly or daily on behalf of a company, a product or a brand.

From a solopreneur running their own Shopify store all the way to a big brand with a massive marketing budget, companies large and small all have to run automated email sequences. These are called “drip campaigns” and are pre-written to be delivered to new email subscribers over a set number of days. Once someone shares their email, you can begin moving them through an email marketing funnel - a sequence of emails that informs and gives insight while bringing them along a customer journey that ends with making a buying decision.