Suggestions and recommendations from influential people has become the oxygen of the product universe

New Copy focuses on heightening awareness of your brand through authentically influencing customer behavior. We offer a full range of creative and technical services to help brands achieve their business goals by strategically incorporating social marketing into new and existing campaigns.

Every industry that faces the public and sells consumer goods & services is facing a massive disruptive shift in order to keep up with the demands of savvy millennial and Gen Z audiences. Customers and audiences today are more complex and discerning than ever before. They are increasingly immune to traditional forms of advertising, and now are spending almost 70% of their waking hours in the digital landscape. To communicate with them, you need to go to where they are and start conversations with them.

The billboards of today are not hanging over the freeway, or on TV or even on banner ads. The new billboards are now in social streams on mobile, where all the attention is. Ads are now product recommendations woven into creative content published by influential people.

New Copy partners with emerging companies as well as Fortune 5000 brands while collaborating with online personalities and content creators from across Canada and the U.S. We negotiate placement and native integration of sponsored ads into online social streams, curating branded content universes that deeply resonate with audiences and help spike brand awareness, product sales, increased customer loyalty and brand advocacy.

We have relationships with a large community of influential content creators who speak transparently to hyper-engaged audiences. In support of companies and brands we partner with, we tap into a deep database of 800+ online personalities. Whether it be media executives, athletes, fashionistas, entrepreneurs, mommy bloggers, artists or creators - people in our network have loyal and diverse audiences that trust them to suggest and recommend products from companies that are values-driven, ethical and most of all - absolutely enjoyable to work with.

Our team and social network can help your brand build a consistent and celebrated content platform that becomes a credible destination of industry influence and thought leadership.