What is New Copy?

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A “New Copy of an Old Version” is how we internally define it

In the autumn of 2018, after 3 years of being known to our clients and partners as Bratlist Media, we rebranded as New Copy Media — and diversified our service and product offerings, preparing for the dawn of the 2020s.

Make no mistake about it: the decade ahead will be amongst the most transformative in the history of our planet. As any good agency will tell you, being prescient and avant-guarde in your organizational mindset is not simply just good practice — it’s a requirement.

Bratlist Media started its life back in 2012 as a social shopping platform called BRATLIST.

We had big dreams of being a place where influencers and shoppers could instantly message and recommend products to each other, chat and communicate with brands, purchase outfits and goodies straight out of shoppable images and videos, and have brands ship their gear to them with the touch of a button. Think Snapchat meets Instagram meets Amazon.

BratChat  on the BRATLIST Shopper platform, c. 2015

BratChat on the BRATLIST Shopper platform, c. 2015

We built some amazing tech into the app, expanded our already dynamic team, met with 100s of amazing brands and retailers and customer focus groups and lifestyle magazines and prospective investors and then ... we ran out of cash.

After bootstrapping our “can’t-miss-next-big-thing” social shopping platform to the tune of almost 250k — we were done. Curtains. Sayonara. Exit stage right.

Our big dream was … over 😳

And this is where the story ends for so many young startups …

We always hear about the 2 out of every 100 that make it into Tech Crunch or Gizmodo and are lauded and feted as the next tech industry darling. To put it in perspective, our team had even come up with the concept of Stories years before Snapchat debuted it and Instagram infamously co-opted it. But that detail will never matter, because Snapchat and Instagram became SNAPCHAT and INSTAGRAM — while we were just a tiny little design shop from Toronto building a social shopping app that no one would ever hear of.

So yes, while we always hear about the 2% that make it big — we never hear about the 98 out of every 100, the 98% that are startups comprised of small passionate teams of guys and gals with extraordinary vision and astronomical work ethic that suddenly are brought back down to earth and made aware that they are doomed, that all of the blood, sweat and tears of years past was for nothing.

That is, if they give up. If they don’t - pivot.

So pivot we did.

We became a boutique advertising agency, throwing transformative fashion pop-ups such as BAZAAR in 2015, consulting with clients on brand direction and customer engagement strategy, helping Fortune 5000 brands pull together and execute influencer marketing campaigns, and buying social ads on FB, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter on behalf of companies struggling with the intricacies of how to plan, strategize and execute on these platforms.

Along the way, our original dream morphed into a new dream, one where we saw that we could use our collective knowledge and expertise to critically help brands in a much more tactical manner. We had an opportunity to become an agency that helped shepherd and guide our clients during what was increasingly very apparent to us - that we were in the middle of the greatest communications shift of the modern era.


So as the years rolled on, and BRATLIST morphed into Bratlist Media and then morphed into New Copy — we learned even more about our own DNA, about who we are, about resilience and courage and fortitude, about what happens when life forces you to reinvent, re-imagine and recreate.

We learned, most of all, that there is no such thing as failure - only feedback.

We are a new copy of an old version of ourselves.

A new copy built on gathering analysis, built on data, built on intelligence, built on talking to real people, built on accessing our vibrant network of influential entrepreneurs, designers, makers, creators, actors, athletes, socialites, style mavens and shoppers that help keep us connected to the street.

Because without being connected to the street, what does it matter what you are building in the lab?

Once you release it, the street is just going to define it anyways. And that is simply the way it’s always been. Creating and maintaining a successful consumer brand has always been about expertly weaving both sides of the same coin - the internal brand vision and the external brand vision.

We are simultaneously the old past, the current present — and the new future.

We are New Copy.